Sean Saifa Wall Sean Saifa Wall Delivering A Speech.

portrait photography

Benjamin O Benjamin O’Keefe Benjamin O’Keefe Leigh Vogel / Getty Images for Orlando-native Benjamin O’Keefe is a writer, public speaker and activist who addresses issues including LGBTQ equality, racial justice and body image . He’s currently one of the writers behind MTV Decoded with Franchesca Ramsey, a weekly series focusing on race, social justice and popular culture. Sekiya Dorsett Sekiya Dorsett Courtesy of Sekiya Dorsett Sekiya Dorsett is a Bahamian-born filmmaker dedicated to telling the stories of queer women of color. Her most recent film, ” The Revival: Women and the Word ,” follows a group of five poets and musicians on a salon-styled tour as they share their music, poems and words in bars and living rooms across U.S. and Canada. Dorsett is also a board member of NewFest , which organizes New York City’s annual LGBTQ film festival. Sean Saifa Wall Sean Saifa Wall delivering a speech. Dottie Suggs Sean Saifa Wall is an intersex advocate, writer and researcher based in Atlanta. In a recent interview with NBC Out, Wall said his activism was fueled by “anger at what was done to my body without my thorough informed consent” and “love for what remains of my body and to protect a future generation from those violations.” Kat Blaque Kat Blaque Courtesy of Kat Blaque Trans feminist YouTube star Kat Blaque posts weekly discussions focusing on racial and gender equality. Her videos reach 117,000 subscribers on YouTube and 195,000 followers on Facebook.

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